Material: Wool

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Material: Wool

We get the finest and most precious wool hair from the merino sheep. Our wool comes from sheep in a special region in New Zealand and offers very special properties that benefit not only the luxurious feel on the skin but also longevity.

the luxurious merino wool

All wool products from Museeum are made using ultra-fine merino from New Zealand, whose South Island offers the perfect climactic conditions for a rare breed of Merino sheep whose wool is even finer than that of other Merinos – so fine, indeed, that it can barely be distinguished from very expensive and rare woolen fibres such cashmere.

A gift from nature

The particular fineness of this merino wool comes on top to the several advantageous characteristics merino wool has: it can capture and neutralize pollutants from our environment, warms in winter yet cools in summer, and is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet – all of which prevents us from sweating under this wool. Moreover, due to the length of the fibres, merino wool is not prone to pilling and thus - with good care - can be a lifelong companion.

We would also like to mention that Museeum cares for the environment and all animals. We can assure, that our wool is 100% mulesing-free.